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Wooden Pieces

Wooden Pieces

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Wooden cubes and other shapes for your board game

 Wooden game cubes are a valuable alternative to game pawns or game tokens. They have the same usage as them both whilst bringing a three dimensional feel to your game. Create your own board game and have it use our wooden board game cubes as board game components. During a table top board game, they have many uses! Design your own custom board game or with an existing board game, you can stack them to track your progress or use different colored wooden game cubes to represent various values or resources within your game and see how many points you have so far. They can also represent values or materials depending on your board game or choose to have one specific color to represent each player.

We have smooth matte finish wooden cubes that come in a choice of sizes in a variety of professionally painted colors - 8mm, 10mm and 12mm, all made of high quality wood so they're durable for game play. Not only do we have wooden game cubes, if you prefer another shape of wooden game pieces, we also have a wooden hexagonal cylinder, a house shape and two different sized wooden game tokens, all of which can be incorporated into your custom table top board game to enhance game play. They are ideal for game developers and table top game designers who are looking to prototype their game idea, a complete game production or order them as a replacement for game players who have lost the original wooden game pieces.  

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