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Electronic Timers

Electronic Timers

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Accurate digital timers for your board game

 An electronic board game timer is best used for board games and card games that require tactical and strategical thinking, where time keeping is necessary during game play. It's an instrument that accurately measures the time taken for each player or how long they have left during their turn. Our simple game timer comes in white and offers all the basic functions that you will need during a board game or card game. Create your own board game that requires time keeping and order our digital board game timer.

After your prototyping run, we provide a complete game production service, so if you want to bulk order 2000 or more game timer units for your new board game or card game, please feel free to contact our staff to help you with your order. Or, if you need to replace a digital game timer or add one into an existing game to enhance game play, with no set up charges and no minimum order required, you can buy just one digital timer and have it delivered worldwide.

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