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Custom stickers for non-printable surfaces

 Enhance your gaming experience with custom stickers for customizing game dice, game tokens and in any other way you can imagine. Excellent for branding and gives your game a professional look and feel. Customize your own stickers for non-printable items, such as dice and tokens. It's a reliable and luxurious way for sealing a new game box and card game boxes. Print stickers can be used for any other purpose you can imagine. It’s hassle free, sticks well onto any flat surface and easily peels off.

BGM custom stickers comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes. BGM offers a standard 85gsm gloss permanent sticker. It's fully customizable with your own design since it’s printed on one whole sheet of A4 paper. The number of stickers on each sheet depends on the size of the sticker you choose. Therefore, you can customize different stickers for use for different purposes. Special finishing such as varnish or UV coating is available.

Print stickers online with your own logo or any graphics using BGM's online board games creator. Simply login to your BGM account and choose the tiles you want and upload your design with BGM's online printing service and place an order through BGM's online checkout system.

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