Collection: Custom Game Tiles & Chits

Choose your shape and size of game tiles or chits

 Custom game tiles will add an extra layer and dimension to your new board games. A lot of interesting board games use tiles, it is one of the fundamental elements in numerous adventure board game designs. During the game play with tiles on board games, it changes the dynamics of the board layout and adds a layer of depth.

Game tiles are a useful and popular component of a fun board game. Building a prototype of a game with board games tiles is hassle free, no need to mess around with cutting them out yourself. SBGM offers production quality board game tiles that easily punch out and are also UV coated to keep tiles lasting for a lifetime.

Print your own design on these SBGM snazzy custom game tiles that are ready laminated and cut into shape of your choice, color printed on full-page adhesive. Each board game tiles comes in multiple shape and sizes for your gaming needs.

Start customizing your game now!

If you have any queries or need some advice in making your new game or any custom game parts feel free to contact us. is an online printing service company that specializes in games printing and games manufacturing. SBGM is your ultimate one stop destination to publish board games with great supportive support service.