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Board Game Leaderboard

Board games are a kind of game that young people like to play at parties. It can not only entertain but also puzzle. Let me introduce the leaderboard of board game games to you. Let’s take a look together. for reference only!

1. Manila, Manila.

Regular number of people: 3-5 people.

Best number of people: 4 people.

investment games. The rules are not difficult, the box is relatively large, the components are more complex and gorgeous, and it is also very fun. It is suitable for beginners to build their interest in board games. There are plenty of options for round actions, requiring players to have a little bit of computing power...and good dice luck.

The content of the game includes a board, a small crew, three ships, four kinds of goods, 20 stock cards, four stock price indicators, some coins, and four dice. Players transport goods by ship, and compete around the rise in stock prices of the four types of goods.

Before the game starts, each player will randomly get two stock cards and 30 gold coins. In each round, players need to pre-arrange their own crew members in cargo ships, repair centers, insurance companies, lighthouses, etc., and then the dice will determine the sailing result. Each position has its corresponding costs and benefits, and the person who accumulates the most money at the end wins. The best way to make money is stock, which will only rise when the corresponding cargo successfully arrives at the port. There are four kinds of ships but only three. Players need to bid for the position of the boss of the ship to buy stocks, arrange cargo ships and give priority to crew arrangements. rights, seize the opportunity.

2. For Sale, commonly known as real estate auction.

Regular number of people: 3-6 people.

The best number of people: 5-6 people.

Auction games. The rules are simple and easy to learn, the atmosphere is extremely joyful, and the packaging is simple and small and easy to carry. But I don't know why this game is not very popular in the country. All in all highly recommended.

The game content includes 30 house cards, 30 check cards, and a pile of coins. There are numbers on the house cards. The bigger the number, the more luxurious the house, while the smallest and worst houses are like kennels and toilets.

The game process consists of two stages, buying a house and selling a house. In the first stage, the same number of house cards as the players are turned out in each round, and a bidding auction is conducted. Each player must bid a higher price than the previous player. Whoever can’t bear it first will take the one with the smallest number on the field at half price. 'The house card, and withdraw from the round; and the player who is left at the end has to pay the full amount. Due to the limited amount of coins, players need to allocate them reasonably to get as many houses with large numbers as possible. When all the houses are bought, the game enters the second stage. Every round, the same number of check cards as the players are turned out. Everyone deducts a house and shows it at the same time. The person with the largest house number takes the most valuable check. And so on. In the end, all the houses are sold, and whoever has the highest total amount of checks and coins wins.

3. Frieses Landlord, an apartment for rent.

Regular number of people: 2-6 people.

The best number of people: 4-5 people.

This game is an old game from 1992. It was republished in 2013. On the basis of the original version, coins and props were added and rules were added. The reversible design is great. The fun elements are rich, and it is very fun to play, but the specific rules are a little cumbersome, and you need to check the manual frequently for the first time.

The game contents include 120 cards and several coins. The cards are divided into hand cards, roof cards, prisons, and monsters. The hand is divided into tenants and props.

The player's purpose is to build a house for rent to make money, and to hinder others from making money. The backs of all hand cards can be used as houses, which means that players need to deduct unwanted tenants or prop cards and add a roof to build a house - but the roof costs money to buy, and the more buildings you build, the more The more expensive, and once the house is built, it is difficult to modify, so make your decision carefully. Tenants have their own stinky problems, for example, some live in the basement, some don't like high-rise buildings, some insist on living in bunk beds, some will drive other tenants away, and so on. Players can pit each other, such as bombing someone else's building, or using a moving company to send pesky tenants to other players' houses.

4. Lifeboat, commonly known as lifeboat, surviving the sea.

Regular number of people: 4-6 people. (Extended support for 7 people)

The best number of people: 5-6 people.

I don't actually like this game very much, it's similar to Devil's Wagon, but it's a bit more crowded, and it's a standard buffet table game - if you die early you'll have to wait for someone else It's over, and it's going to be a long wait. The game features a love-hate system, which entangles players' goals for victory.

The content of the game is cards and counters. The cards are divided into role cards, position cards, love-hate cards, props cards, and rowing cards, and each character has its own skills. Tokens are used to mark fights, boating and seagulls.

Each player will draw a character (public), and a character he loves and a character he hates (secret). The goal of the game is to survive the landing, try your best to save the people you love, kill the people you hate, and try your best to get extra points. The position card is placed in the middle of the audience to mark the player's seat. The person near the bow can choose the props first, while the person sitting at the stern has the right to choose the rowing card. Players can choose to row a boat, change positions with others, rob others or use props each round. If the player who is changed or robbed resists, it will cause a fight, and other players can also stand in line to help. At the end of the round, the damage will be resolved according to the water and thirst marked on the rowing card. Due to the lack of materials, it is actually quite difficult to survive to the end. There is also a setting of eating corpses in the expansion pack.



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